Commercial / Non-Commercial:

The nearest Sea Port for import of cargo into Afghanistan is Karachi. Pakistan is at the most advantageous position in Afghan Transit Trade (ATT). Ports at Pakistan play a major role as hinterland ports and “GATEWAY” to Afghanistan and Central Asian States. Afghanistan is devoid of railway network and all trade is undertaken by road networks, through Pakistan and other neighboring countries.

Due to extensive requirements from our overseas agents and local clients, Qns Shipping has established a separate set-up for handling Afghan Transit Services under the superiors who have specialization in handling AFGHAN TRANSIT GOODS whether commercial or non-commercial (US MILITARY, ISAF, NATO FORCES, AFGHAN NATIONAL ARMY, NGOs) through our very own infrastructure across Pakistan and Afghanistan. We are also specialized in handling refrigerated containers and have been successfully managing regular movements across Pakistan into Afghanistan. We have the honor of having been chosen to provide transportation for the supplies destined for various forces, government / non government organizations and commercial customers based in Afghanistan.

Our Services includes custom clearance, trucking, off loading, of C.O.C reloading on trucking or S.O.C to Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Baghram & Jalalabad. Satellite phone facility is also available for tacking.

Project / Oversize:

There are various tunnels in transit between Pakistan border and Afghanistan through which the cargo moves. Any cargo which is over the size would not pass through the tunnels. The experts at CENTRAL SHIPPING critically examine the route to have number of options of using alternate routes to ensure the smooth transportation before shipping the goods.


We know more about Afghanistan than just shipping. Transportation to Afghanistan is like second nature to us. We have mastered the art of transportation to Afghanistan over the last Ten years.
  • Afghanistan Via Quetta Pakistan
  • Afghanistan Via Peshawar Pakistan

  • Thorough knowledge of Documentation procedure to Afgahanistan for different types of chargoes.
  • Project shipments to all Afghanistan destination.
  • Services to remotest location in Afghanistan
  • DDP/DDU Shipments to all destinations.

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